Forbes Institute was founded by Jeffrey Forbes who is a business development expert in Europe for professional and B2B service organizations, providing consulting and research services in Europe and throughout the world.



Clients hire us not only for the good work that we do, but because they trust they will get the unvarnished truth, about their services, clients and markets.


With American, British and European experience, we offer clients insights gained from working with world-leading markets and organizations.


Our deep knowledge of marketing in this specialized field enables us to provide clients with a wide range of skills to augment their team or projects.



We help clients assess their current situation with respect to strategic business development and marketing and stimulate their thinking about possible improvements for the future.


Or we offer a “different look” on the problem of communicating with clients by getting insights to their needs and expectations about how services are “delivered” and not just their substance.


Either way it’s about putting things into action and then measuring those efforts – adding some science based on evidence to the unpredictable nature of marketing business services.



Successful organizations know they must acquire information and use it to their advantage in order to satisfy their clients and achieve their goals. But they don’t always have the internal expertise such as professional writing, interviewing and researching skills, much less the time to gather such information. They also lack the credibility of being an independent source.

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"We are grateful to Jeffrey for pushing us out of our comfort zone, and remaining focused on what was in our best interest, even if we were not aware of this."



-- Managing Partner from a leading European law firm --